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improving the product page on Amazon

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Running pay-per-click advertising and other methods of advertising on amazon to increase sales

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Adding value to the brand by increase the sales, perception or exposure of this product

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I was reading through some of the older posts in our Facebook group today, and came across one of the more interesting ones I had written. I am passionate about the concept of how your mindset relates to your business, and how that can affect its trajectory.

In my opinion, people have one of two mindsets:

They settle, or they strive.

Most people will tell you they strive for more, but what does that really mean? Does it mean putting in more hours doing the same thing?

Does working harder, in and of itself, constitute striving for more?

I personally don’t believe so. I think working harder will make you more money as long as it is sustainable. However, I don’t think working harder, by itself, will make you great.

How do you become great? What is the fundamental shift in mindset that has to take place?

Being great is not only about working hard, it is about challenging yourself to find new strategies that work. It is about being creative, and deviating from common thought.

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