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FBA is a well known acronym among e-commerce entrepreneurs around the world. The beauty of this program is that it allows anyone with a computer to manage and run an online business without the need for any overhead expense such as warehouse space, bills, employees, insurance, etc.

Shaia Enterprises is proud to be one of the best if not the best platform out there that closes the difficult and complicated journey that customers run into while establishing their FBA business.

Our Story

We've been in the retail business for the past 20 years. In May 2014 , we expanded by launching an amazon wholesale account . Thanks to our customers and their valuable feedback over the past few years we've made a number of changes to our platform to best suit their needs.

Today Shaia Enterprises is the most innovative online platform offering business owners a great partnership, exceptional customer service and the best tools on the market to further grow their business.

Thanks to your feedback, our experience and the team behind Shaia Enterprise we can proudly say that through our combined efforts today we are the most innovative and fast developing wholesale platform that works in your favor. With Internet sales breaking new records, our journey is not over. We will continue to develop our platform.

Whether you are a large customer or you are just starting out, we value each and every one of you - feel free to start small. We believe that this is a journey that we can go on together.

If you are looking for transparency in profits, if you are looking for one stop shop for all your business needs, if you are looking for the best and most sought after inventory platform then you've come to the right place.

We find it, we group it and we sell your products.

Meet the Team

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Randy Shaia


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